High Temperature May Cause The Elevator To Heatstroke, Elevator Maintenance Is Very Important

1. The temperature rise of the motor causing the traction system exceeds the standard, the friction of the brake pad and the lubrication performance of the reduction gearbox are reduced;

      2. The control system is unstable due to high temperature and thermal instability.

      3. The temperature in the sightseeing elevator car is too high, causing passenger discomfort.

In the above cases, if the corresponding cooling measures are not taken, it is prone to fire in extreme cases. Here we talk about the measures to "cool off" the elevator:

      1. Strengthen daily management, stop the use of elevators that do not meet the conditions for use of elevators, and actively check and rectify hidden dangers; in particular, strengthen nighttime emergency duty to avoid delays in emergency response;

      2. Strengthen the inspection of the elevator, replace the unstable parts, and reduce the failure rate of the elevator;

Focus on checking the car ventilation to ensure that the car is properly ventilated;

      3. Check the effectiveness of the elevator emergency alarm device and find that the emergency alarm device should be repaired immediately.

      Although the standard car of the elevator is not completely sealed, there are also ventilation devices. However, in the hot weather in summer, once the elevator is trapped, it will cause physical discomfort to a large extent. Especially for people who are weak and nervous, they may bring more damage once they are trapped. Here, it is necessary to remind the elevator to use the management unit and the elevator maintenance unit. During the high temperature period, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation and shading of the elevator machine room, the elevator shaft and the car, and if necessary, use the air conditioning system to cool the engine room and the hoistway.

       Finally, we should be grateful to the elevator maintenance master who worked hard on the front line, and in the hot sun, still rushing on the way of elevator maintenance. They are always on standby, ready to complete emergency repair tasks, ready to rescue trapped passengers. thank you!