House Prices Are Soaring! Also Will Drive Elevator Maintenance Premium Gradually Up.

The rise of 10,000-foot tall buildings is a true reflection of this era. More and more people live in new buildings with more than 30 floors.

Elevator building, as well as supporting facilities, is also an integral part of people living in the vertical transportation, only "health" of the elevator can ensure the security of people's travel, and the stand or fall of the elevator maintenance can directly decide whether the elevator can run normally.


As a matter of fact, every product has a life span, and the daily maintenance of elevators seems especially important to us. As the price of housing continues to rise, it leads to the rise of prices in the whole market, and the rise of prices also leads to the rise of labor costs. House prices are up 1-2 times from a few years ago, but maintenance premiums for elevators remain at the same level as they were before, leaving many businesses unsupported. For a simple example, it is now impossible to spend the money to build a tractor to enjoy BMW's service.

As a result, soaring house prices will not only drive up prices and labor costs, but also lift maintenance premiums.