How The Elevator Works

      With the rapid development of science and technology, advanced control technology has been used in the elevator control, the past grip, button control has gradually exited the stage, replaced by advanced collection, parallel, group control and so on. This not only enhances the elevator transport efficiency, more importantly, to ensure that the elevator safety, normal use provides a solid technical support.Elevator

      Once enter overhaul and repair operation, should cancel: normal operation control, including any automatic door operation; Emergency electric operation; docking operation. Only once again operate the overhaul switch, can make the elevator return to normal work again. If the removal of the above-mentioned operation is not a safe contact with the overhaul switch, then measures should be taken to prevent any malfunction of the car in the circuit.Elevator

     The car should be operated on a continuous press button, to prevent misoperation, and to indicate the direction of operation; The control device shall include a stop device conforming to 14.2.2; The car should not run at a speed greater than 0.63m/s should not exceed the normal travel range of the car; the elevator should still depend on the safety device The control device can also be used with special switches to prevent misoperation of the control door mechanism from the top of the bridge.Elevator

    The operation area should be clearly visible from the control position of the docking operation, and the docking operation can be performed only after the safe contact action of the key operation. This key can be unplugged only when the docking position is cut off. After the safe contact action of the key switch operation: The normal control should be invalidated. Elevator

    If the switching device that invalidates it is not a safe contact that is composed of the contact mechanism of the key operation, measures should be taken to prevent one of the listed faults from running in the circuit when the car is in operation; only the continuous press button is allowed to make the car run, the direction of the car should be marked.Elevator