How To Maintain The Elevator

Elevator maintenance refers to the work of checking, refueling, removing dust and debugging safety devices regularly. Including non-destructive testing and lubrication maintenance of hoisting wire rope of elevator.

Matters needing attention

1.The elevator is made up of mechanical and electrical components. If everyday does not carry on the elevator maintenance, elevator safety is not guaranteed, if the elevator need without refueling refueling, will cause the elevator mechanical parts wear and tear, make the elevator service life shortens greatly, cannot normal use of the elevator.

2. The elevator is in use process, some elevator users to reduce costs, save money, to find temporary workers or not qualified to do the elevator maintenance, once out of the security problem can't find the responsible units. If it is the elevator manufacturer or the qualified professional company to carry on the maintenance, on the one hand the maintenance technology and the quality guarantee, on the other side once the problem is also responsible.

Mechanical components

1.The elevator traction machine needs oil lubrication. In the outer garment of traction machine, there are two calibration, open the nozzle to check the oil should be in the middle of the two calibration, if oil is lower than the scale below, you should said to traction machine, if you don't come on, the operation of the elevator long time will can not get a good lubrication, leading to the elevator traction machine and the burning of the motor. After the elevator runs for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time so that the traction machine can be kept clean and well lubricated.

2. Cleaning and lubrication of elevator car boot. As is known to all, guide shoe run on rails, guide boots with oil cup, to make the elevator in the operation of the sound does not produce friction must be regularly to clean oil and oil cup guide shoe, and should be clean health capsules.

3. Maintenance of elevator doors and doors. The elevator failure is generally more in the elevator hall door and the door, so should pay attention to the hall door, the maintenance of the door. One is the upper shelf of the door to fill the refueling place, keep good lubrication, and the elevator will not make an unpleasant sound in the opening of the neutralizing door. Pay attention to the safety of the elevator contact or touch screen type plate switch line inspection, because the elevator doors frequency is higher, can make the switch line is damaged, which requires the maintenance personnel must check in every job, the change will change in advance, don't let the user because the problem of door of elevator product quality.