How To Maintain The Outdoor Escalator

             Outdoor automatic telescopic staircase how to maintain-xinxiang Antai staircase Professional customized design of various telescopic staircases, novel style, compact and convenient, flexible, price concessions, installation simple, elegant, is the best choice for small and medium-sized attic users.Escalator

             Our company has been committed to telescopic staircase technology innovation and development, and absorbing advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes at home and abroad, the use of advanced production control systems, strict standardization of production processes, very focused on product quality, as well as with strong economic strength, scientific management, advanced technology, excellent staff technology, so that products in the domestic formation of the province, the city as one of the sales network system to good sales, high-end quality, sincere service, won the praise of consumers.Escalator

              1, occupies the small space (does not occupy your downstairs any space, upstairs only occupies less than 1 squares of space 2, concealed high (only opened a small hole, and have white bottom door completely blocked the hole, door and ceiling with a color, it is hard to find that there is a channel over there. 3, good insulation effect (door and mouth sealing good, summer will not let the heat affect indoor, winter will not let indoor warm air flow outside, warm in winter and cool in summer) using telescopic ring technology, open put down easy. 4, with loft telescopic staircase, from the attic above the space can be very good use! 5, telescopic staircase is finished, the installation is very simple, all screw screws, will install the staircase!Escalator