How To Protect The System Of Escalators

The handrail system maintenance

Technical disciplines:

(1) check the hand strap gateway; 

(2) check whether the running speed of hand strap and cascade synchronization; 

(3)Check the surface of the hand strap and signs inside without obvious scars and friction; 

(4) the handrail belt tensioning degree; 

(5)Check the hand strap to end;

(6)Check the armrest pulley group and roller;

(7)check the hand strap friction wheel; Today hand strap inside cleaning job.

Inspection standard:

 (1) observations armrest, runtime, whether in the middle of the mouth protection;

 (2) the difference between the speed and cascade operation conform to the enterprise standard; 

(3) check the handrail with the no wire source of leakage and scars, and ruled out; 

(4) the handrail belt tensioning degree whether accord with the enterprise standard, do not accord with can adjust;

 (5) pulley and roller must operate easily, smooth, no noise. The abrasion of friction wheel.