Introduction Of Different Classification Of Escalator

     The staircase can be divided into one-run staircase, two-run staircases and multiple-run staircases. The plane shape of a ladder segment has a straight line, a polyline, and a curve.Escalator
     Single-run staircase is the simplest, suitable for the lower floors of the building; double-run staircase is the most common, there are double runs straight up, double run twists and turns, double run folded (parallel), and so on, applicable to the general civil construction and industrial buildings; three-run stairs are 30 percent-style, T-type, division and so on, more used in public buildings; scissors staircase is a pair of opposite direction of the two-run parallel ladder, or by a pair of overlapping but not connected with the single run straight up ladder composition, cross section of scissors-shaped, can simultaneously through more people and save space The spiral ladder is supported by a fan-shaped step in the middle column, although the walk is not comfortable, but save space, apply to the people less, use less frequent places; round, semicircle, curved staircase, by curved beam or curved plate support, step a little fan-shaped, flower-type diverse, lively, richly decorated, applicable to public buildings.Escalator
     According to space can be divided into indoor staircases and outdoor staircases. The interior staircase, literally explained, applied with a variety of dwellings inside, as the pursuit of interior beauty and comfort, the indoor staircase more to the solid wood staircase, steel-wood staircase, steel and glass, reinforced concrete or a variety of mixed materials, including solid wood staircase is the most widely used in high-end residential staircases, steel and glass staircase in the modern office area, office buildings, shopping malls, showrooms and other applications, reinforced concrete staircases are widely used in various duplex buildings. Outdoor staircase because of taking into account the wind blowing rain and other natural factors, general appearance of solid wood staircase, steel staircase, metal staircase, etc. is not very suitable, reinforced concrete staircase, all kinds of stone staircase is the most common.Escalator
     Each step is carried by 4 wheels, and the 4 wheels rotate in a track that hides underneath. The track is horizontal at the top and bottom of the escalator, allowing people to step on or off the stairs. The steps form a continuous turning loop, just as the stair ring on the escalator today. The automatic sidewalk "changes on the basis of an automatic staircase and has an active horizontally walkway. It is mainly used in airports because people often carry heavy baggage in the airport for a long walk.Escalator
     Now big and small market and supermarkets have automatic staircases exist, we will never be unfamiliar. But there are always people who don't know his name. Even call it an elevator.Escalator