It Is A Security Misunderstanding To Take The Escalator To The Left And Right.

“Left and right standing”: When taking the escalator, the passenger stands on the right side and vacates the passage on the left side for the passengers who need to pass quickly to walk on the escalator. The practice of left-right and right-handed can not speed up the escalator flow during peak hours, but reduce the efficiency of space use.

Zuo Xing Zuo Li is one of the urban civilizations in Shanghai to welcome the propaganda and advocacy of China's 2010 Shanghai World Expo. In order to promote the "Left and Right" standard, the slogan "Left and Right" is commonly used in the escalator of Shanghai Rail Transit, and it means that even if the passenger stands up and falls backwards, the passengers behind can support it, and there will be no domino effect. , is safe and secure. However, since December 2012, because the steps of the escalator are too large and the walking is not safe, Shanghai Rail Transit no longer emphasizes the left-right standing, and some stickers that were originally pasted on the escalator to advocate the left-right position have been removed.

All the escalators in the Guangzhou Metro have posted the slogan “Please pay attention to safety, stand up and stabilize” to guide passengers to use the escalator safely. Many passengers do not have the habit of grabbing the handrails, so that accidents can easily occur in the event of an emergency. Especially for passengers with babies, don't hold your baby with both hands and forget to hold the handrail. The staff of the Guangzhou Metro Company reminded that “Left and Right” is not a “safety criterion”. The subway believes that it is most important to stand firm and support.

Walking on an escalator can lead to easy loss of balance, resulting in accidents, which can easily lead to uneven distribution of gravity and increase the probability of escalating the escalator.

And recently, in a number of newspaper articles, reviews, and social networking posts, we have responsibly warned that this practice threatens public safety. The reason is that too many people standing on the right side of the elevator will make the ladder unbalanced and increase the risk of elevator accidents. And walking on the escalator is not safe.

Although this view is inconsistent with the well-known practices, the bold characters of "standing on the right and passing on the left" are still attached to many public escalators. But safety is the first. We should promote scientific security. It is not an unrealistic measure introduced by a certain group or an organization.