Li Dongliu, Chairman Of Senhe Elevator, Was Invited To Attend The Annual Meeting Of The 2018 Zhejiang Chamber Of Commerce.

On December 1, 2018, the annual meeting of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. Chairman of the Zheshang Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba, Ma Yun, Executive Chairman of the Zheshang Association, Shen Guojun, Chairman of Yintai Group, Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, and Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Group attended the meeting. Li Dongliu from the International Organization for Standardization, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, General Assembly Member, General Committee, Provincial Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce and Li Dongliu, Chairman of Senhe Elevator Co., Ltd., were invited to attend this annual meeting, Zhejiang Zheng Yumin, Secretary General of the General Chamber of Commerce, held the meeting.

        Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Yuan Jiajun, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and Minister of United Front Work Xiong Jianping attended the annual meeting and visited Zheshang entrepreneurs. It fully reflects the high concern and love of the provincial party committee and the provincial government for the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce and the majority of Zhejiang businessmen.

        The theme of this annual meeting is “Zheshang Civilization, from here to a broader stage”. The conference summarized the work of the Zheshang Association in the past year and looked forward to the new journey of 2019.

        The Executive Director of the Zheshang General Association, Shen Guojun, made a report on the annual work of the General Assembly. He pointed out that over the past year, the General Assembly has achieved a solid road of self-confidence and development, poverty alleviation, and social responsibility. This year is the fourth year of the establishment of the General Conference. Under the guidance of the 19th New Era and New Thoughts, the Zheshang Merchants Association will further enhance the spirit of Zheshang, unite the strength of Zheshang, and continue to uphold the economy, the service body and the learning body. The concept of "trinity" realizes the functional value of the economy, the outward expansion of the service body, and the improvement of the learning body.

        Every year, the annual meeting of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce and General Manager Ma Yun will have a very vivid speech. This year, Ma Yun said at the annual meeting that entrepreneurs must face uncertainty, seize opportunities, and become uncertain. Zheshang formed a value from a name, and with responsibility, became a unique group.

        The difficulties encountered today are far from comparable to reform and opening up. It is our challenge and opportunity to develop in the new international relations and domestic transformation and upgrading in the next 40 years. Zheshang must firmly believe that every day in the future, we have the opportunity. After this round of baptism, Zheshang must be the future Zheshang, Zheshang should surpass the merchants, bid farewell to the market of barbaric growth, Zheshang can not have money to do, Do something for you. In the future, Zheshang is famous in the world for its feelings of home and country. We see the future and believe in the future.

        Guo Guangchang, vice president of the Zheshang Association, said that in today's economic situation, only the entrepreneurs themselves can save the enterprise. The so-called "savior" has only the market. Entrepreneurs need to ask themselves, ask themselves how much time they spend on customers, and improve their service to customers; also ask how much they spend on product development, feel new trends and directions; Asked how much energy spent on corporate organization and talent development. "We have to sink our hearts, be full of confidence, do the right thing, the hard things, and do things that need to be accumulated in practice."

        The course of China's reform and opening up can be described as turbulent and magnificent. In the tide of reform and opening up and the development of the private economy, Zheshang is growing, developing, sailing, and advancing. The Zheshang community has always shared the same fate with the times.

        In the new era of China's move to the world's central stage, Zheshang has a broader global vision and ability to integrate global resources. The theme of this annual conference is “Zheshang Civilization, from here to a broader stage”, expressing the determination of the vast number of Zheshang merchants to take advantage of the trend, keep their new and unconstrained, and be brave in creating history.

        Li Dongliu, chairman of the Zheshang General Association and chairman of Senhe Elevator Co., Ltd., shared his views during the exchanges with Chairman Ma Yun and Executive President Shen Guojun. He said that as the "old director" of the Zheshang General Association, he also experienced and witnessed the development of the General Conference while the company continued to grow and develop. Zheshang has always been a new force in promoting economic construction. Under the national grand strategy, we will not forget the original heart, continue to carry forward the spirit of Zheshang, and uphold the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the new era. It is the mission and responsibility of the new era of Zheshang. Although the uncertainty of the future is unknown, I am full of confidence in the future of China's private economy. As long as the national strategy centered on economic construction has not changed, private enterprises continue to contribute to the construction of China's social foundation, material foundation, and economic foundation, and the private economy will still have a beautiful spring.

        In addition to summing up the work in the past year and releasing the Zheshang Development Report, this annual meeting also held a ceremony for the awarding of the Zheshang Association's special committee and group members, and awarded the "2018 Global Zheshang Gold Award".