Lifting Platform Maintenance FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

When the elevator maintenance personnel to enter the inner workings of the lift, the lift must Diaozhu lifts and prevent a sudden drop in casualties check wheel, intermediate shafts and bearings; cylinder pin and bearing; boom hinge shaft and bearing lubrication and wear each of the parts add oil. Bearing life Check the hydraulic oil and the oil level. Elevator rose to the highest hydraulic oil level should be 40-50 mm above the tank bottom. Hydraulic oil pale dark, sticky oil, or oil gravel and other foreign matter, the hydraulic oil should be replaced. Hydraulic lift systems use 32 # hydraulic oil.

Paul Check the hydraulic pipes and end joints. It should immediately replace the damaged pipe; tighten fittings when removing the joints are loose and fell apart valve, the valve body with compressed air to blow the net after the tank from the newly installed hydraulic oil tank open all exhausted, remove the suction filter , a washed back into the tank, according to the in situ installation. The new tank filled with fresh oil.