Main Technical Parameters Of Freight Elevator

Main technical parameters of freight elevator

Elevator specifications: L1


Stop layer: 6/6


Weight: 1000KG


Speed: 1.0m/S


Shaft size: 2400MM*2250MM


Top level: 4800MM


Depth of pit: 1500MM


Machine room size: 3100MM*3800MM


Machine room height: 2600MM


Drag mode: ac frequency conversion, variable pressure microcomputer control (vv-vf)


Control mode: control of up and down sets


How to open the door: open the door double


Construction requirements: according to the requirements of construction drawings


Power requirements: the three-phase power is 380v 50hz, single-phase with 220 volts 50hz

(the voltage is within 10% of the error)



1. Cage:


(1) size of cage: 1600*1500


(2) cage wall: stainless steel


(3) door: stainless steel


(4) roof: ceiling is standard pattern


(5) ventilation: crossflow ventilation fan


(6) inside the cage:


(A) liquid crystal display


(B) : micro-touch floor button with the number of docking layers


(C) : direction of rise and fall


(D) : yellow emergency call button (ALARM)


(E) : the opening and closing of the microtouch button are payable on each payment and are graphically indicated


(F) : hidden walkie-talkies


(G) : label label, purpose, number of passengers, weight limit and operation instructions


(H) : a switch box with a key operation to stop the switch, fan switch


(I) : use the word "no smoking" on the upper end of the plate


(7) baseboard: stainless steel material


(8) Ground plate: decorative pattern plate


2. Entry and exit of each layer:


(1) hall: the first floor is the stainless steel hall door, and the remaining floor is the door of the baking paint


(2) door set: the first layer is the stainless steel door cover, and the remaining layer is the standard door sleeve for baking paint


Call button and floor position indicator: standard call button;