Maintenance Rules For Escalator

    In order to operate the elevator safely, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance, inspection and repair of the elevator. Elevator manager and elevator machine room on behalf of the electrician is responsible for elevator failure when the emergency maintenance work, the company responsible for the maintenance of the elevator maintenance organization monitoring work, and is responsible for the establishment of elevator maintenance management system. Elevator maintenance management system mainly include:Escalator

1, month maintenance and maintenance system completed after the completion of the "elevator maintenance records." Elevator month maintenance records maintenance and repair items cleanup check investigation record bad situation part of the record and processing results room

1, traction wheel cleaning 2, speed limiter and electrical contact check 3, brake shoe wear check

4, the election layer detailed investigation 5, the control cabinet of the mechanical and electrical contacts clean, the contactor, relay resistance body and the shaft (1) battery, (battery check

(4), inside and outside the door lock and door interlock switch internal and contact (2), inside and outside the door coupling check, cleaning, oiling (3), inside and outside the ceiling wheel, limit wheel, outside the door shutters, Clean (5), door interlocking wiring check

6, the board assembly

7, a variety of switch contacts check

8, steel cleaning, oiling, steel switch check

9, speed limit wire tapping wells at the end of the equipment inspection, cleaning, oil repellent maintenance person verification

For the main equipment within the room for maintenance. After the completion of maintenance to fill out the "elevator quarter maintenance records." Elevator season maintenance records, maintenance and repair items clean check inquiries record bad situation part of the record and processing results room.Escalator

1, the motor cooling fan oil

2, the power switch

3, control panel, signal disk cleaning, tight lead screw body and the shaft of a door machine within the assembly box check

2, door mechanical and electrical, resistance box, contact box internal inspection

3, door mechanical box, connecting rod, chain, belt check.Escalator

4, plus rail assembly and track clearance check

5, check the main wire wear, clean, tension balance

6, car fan check and clean

7, the bottom of the pit and the conflict between the amount of oil inspection and cleaning maintenance personnel to verify the person

3, the annual maintenance system

Every year on the elevator machine running performance and safety facilities for a check. Machine performance includes ride comfort, running vibration, noise, running speed, leveling accuracy. Safety facilities include overspeed protection, phase dislocation, phase protection, collision and conflict assembly, protection beyond the upper and lower limits. After the completion of the whole machine to complete the "elevator maintenance records."Escalator