Often Cleans The Elevator Steel Wire Is A Kind Of Maintenance To The Elevator

During the use of the elevator, the wire rope should be cleaned and lubricated timely. Lack of maintenance is one of the main reasons for the short life of wire rope.

In elevator periodic inspection, inspectors often found there is a layer of oil accumulation on the surface of traction rope, it oil and dirt from the wire rope inside oozy mix together, if not timely cleaning, not only affect the service life of wire rope, will also change the tractive rope tractive sheave groove in the coefficient of friction, reduce the tractive ability, in the case of the car light load or overloading, may lead to traction rope sliding capsules header or squat down bottom.

Normally, most of the new steel wire ropes have been lubricated at the time of production, but in the process of use, the grease will be reduced. Given lubrication can not only to have corrosion protection during transportation and storage, and can reduce the wire rope in use process between the steel wire and strand and rope tractive sheave groove between the wear and tear, and to prolong the service life of wire rope has also been beneficial. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct lubrication inspection to minimize the damage of corrosion and wear to the wire rope. First of all, be sure to select the suitable wire rope grease, elevator wire rope grease should be have some special friction coefficient of friction grease, high-performance wire rope grease is to maintain the fundamental guarantee of extend the service life of wire rope steel wire rope. Wire rope at work, the direction of the internal rendering 3 d micro friction, which requires wire rope grease must have strong permeability which grease lubricant molecules in antiwear agent ingredients can infiltrate into every wire. In addition, the wire rope lubricating grease must have strong adhesion property. To ensure its uniform adhesion to each wire rope. Usually there are several ways for lubrication of wire rope is a rope is removed, in lubricating oil into the temperature at 80 ~ 80 degrees for about 2 ~ 4 hours, the other is the lubricant directly with the brush to brush on the steel wire rope, the key is coating method and the interval to grasp well, generally speaking about 12 mm diameter steel wire rope, each about 40 meters besmear brushs about 1 kg of lubricating grease, besmear brushs interval in about two weeks; Another is to use special wire rope lubrication equipment to lubricate the wire rope, this method is the most convenient, but the cost of equipment is high. The specific type of lubricant and lubrication method shall be carried out according to the requirements of the wire rope manufacturer. Elevator maintenance and maintenance unit really attach importance to the steel wire rope lubrication maintenance is not much, many units have been used to replace the new steel wire rope, and do not pay attention to lubrication management.