Operation Mode, Selection And Safety Of Elevator

           Mode of operation: control of the relatively simple elevator mostly by the full-time driver using the handle or button manipulation. Modern elevator operation has been increasingly automated, commonly used automatic elevators for the collection control mode. The control elevator in the car compartment is equipped with a layer-selection instruction button, each layer of stations are equipped with the upper and lower direction of the call button, the elevator can simultaneously remember the choice of each layer in the car and the level station call ladder signal, the car in accordance with these instructions and signal automatic shutdown to start running, and then stop. If there is no longer an instruction signal in front of the direction of operation, along the way, the same response to the opposite directions and signals, and then parked on the last floor or back to the base station. The collection control elevator can form two parallel or three parallel operation modes. Many elevators in large high-rise buildings often adopt automatic group control. Usually by the $number elevator to form a group of control system, according to the number of passengers in the car, the car inside and outside the instructions, call the ladder signal and car location conditions such as automatic dispatching elevator operation. The application of electronic computers makes the system more perfect.Elevator

          Selection: When the passenger ladder is selected, the building should be fully analyzed and calculated in order to determine the number of elevators, the carrying capacity, speed and control mode of each elevator. In determining these items, it is generally based on the delivery capacity of every 5 minutes and the average waiting time of passengers to achieve certain targets. An elevator if the service layer station too much, frequent stops and often in the short moment to add deceleration running state, will greatly reduce its transportation capacity. In order to solve this problem, the modern high-rise building for the installation of elevators often divides the building into low-rise and high-rise areas, such as a number of sections, respectively, set up elevators, in their respective layers of service, but also with a direct access to the high-rise area of high-speed elevators, composed of a transportation system. This can make full use of the elevator shaft, to reduce the occupied area of the elevator.Elevator

          Safety: The safety of elevators is of paramount importance. It is usually stipulated that the steel wire rope of the suspension car is not less than 3 root, and its safety factor is less than 12. The elevator must be provided with a safety device such as a speed limiter, a safety clamp and a buffer. When the speed of the elevator exceeds the specified value, the speed limiter moves and drives the safety clamp movement, and clamps the rail to stop the car in space. The buffer plays a buffering role in the bottom of the car. The elevator should also have door lock, end station Super stroke protection device and forced deceleration device, etc., and should meet the requirements of fire prevention.Elevator