Passenger Elevator Classification

Passenger elevator classification

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Ac elevator: an elevator with ac induction motor as the driving force. According to the method of drag, it can be divided into ac single speed, ac double speed, ac speed regulation, ac variable frequency conversion speed regulation, etc.

Dc elevator: an elevator with direct current motor as the driving force. The rated speed of this type of elevator is usually above 2.00 m/s.Hydraulic elevator: generally use electric pump to drive liquid flow, by plunger the elevator of car lift.

Gear rack elevator: the guide rail is processed into the rack, and the cage is equipped with the gear meshing with the rack, and the motor drives the gear to rotate and lift the elevator of the cage.

Screw elevator: the top plunger processed into rectangular thread type elevator, with a thrust bearing large nut installed on the cylinder head, and then by the motor through reducer (or belt) drives the nut rotate, so that the screw jack-up capsules can rise or fall of the elevator.

Linear motor driven elevator, its power source is linear motor. In the early days of elevator, the steam engine and internal combustion engine were used as power to drive the elevator directly. Motor speed reducer

Speed classification

The elevator has no strict speed classification, and China is used to classification by the following methods.

Low speed ladder: a lift that is usually lower than 1.00 m/s.

Medium speed ladder: usually refers to the speed of the elevator at 1.00 ~ 2.00 m/s.

High-speed ladder: an elevator with a speed greater than 7m/s.