Regulatory Q&A: Does The Elevator Installation Require Special Equipment Welding Personnel?

On May 5th, some netizens consulted on the public message system of the website of the State Administration of Markets. Does the elevator installation need special equipment welding personnel? The Special Equipment Safety Supervision Bureau of the General Administration of Market Supervision gave a reply.

Q: According to Article 3 of TSG Z6002-2010 "Specifications for Welding Procedures for Special Equipment Welding Operators", "welders engaged in the following welding work of welds shall be qualified according to these rules and hold the "Special Equipment Operation Certificate"... 2. Electromechanical The main stressed structure (part) welds of the equipment, the welds welded with the main stressed structure (parts)..." and TSG T7001-2009 "Elevator Supervision and Inspection and Periodic Inspection Rules" Annex A 3.6 Guide Article (2) stipulates that “the guide rail bracket shall be firmly installed, and the weld joint of the welded bracket meets the design requirements, ....” I would like to ask: 1. Since there is a welding operation item in the elevator installation, it is necessary to equip the welding work personnel with the certificate structure; Elevator guide rails and rail brackets (when the elevator is not operating normally, such as: wire rope break safety clamps and other protective devices), whether it is the main force structure (part) of electromechanical equipment; 3. According to the new "special" Equipment Operation Qualification Classification and Projects, whether the welding personnel need to be equipped and certified after the elevator installation no longer requires the licensed personnel. A: It is clear in the new license catalog that the installer does not need to obtain evidence; according to the "Special Equipment Welding Operators Appraisal Rules", the main force structure (parts) of the electromechanical equipment is welded, and the main force structure (part) The welder of the weld welding of the phase welding shall obtain evidence; the elevator guide rail and the guide rail bracket belong to the main force structure (part) of the electromechanical equipment. Note: Special Equipment Safety Supervision Bureau, develop special equipment catalogue and safety technical specifications; supervise and inspect the production, operation, use, inspection, testing and import and export of special equipment, as well as energy-saving standards for high-energy-consuming special equipment and implementation of boiler environmental protection standards Organize investigation and handling of special equipment accidents according to the prescribed authority and conduct statistical analysis; investigate and deal with major illegal acts; supervise and manage special equipment inspection and testing institutions, inspection and testing personnel, and operators; promote the research and promotion of special equipment safety technology.