Safety Operation Procedure Of Freight Elevator

Safety operation procedure of freight elevator

To standardize the use of freight elevators. Ensure, correct and safe operation, make use of the cargo lift, prevent safety accidents, and make the safe operation rules.

1.Before daily work, the elevator must be driven up and down several times without abnormal phenomenon. Check the clearance hall and the door of the litter.

2.Before entering and leaving the car, it is necessary to make sure that the car is parked in the floor, and that the floor of the cage is completely open with the floor and the door of the car.

3.Don't press the emergency call button. Don't hit the button with something hard.

4.It is strictly forbidden to crash the door, wall and cage of the elevator to prevent the interlocking mechanism from damaging, causing the cargo elevator to malfunction. It is strictly forbidden to knock, handle or close the door of the door to prevent accidents. It is strictly forbidden to put your hands and feet into the door to close the elevator door and try to open the door.

5.The carrying articles shall not exceed the rated load of the elevator. The carrying items should be kept in the middle of the cage as safely as possible to avoid being dumped in operation. It is forbidden to use the safety window at the top of the cage. It is not allowed to ship inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods, such as when special circumstances must be carried out, must be approved by the security management department and corresponding safety protection measures shall be taken.

6.Passengers shall be prohibited from carrying the lifts, except for freight, unloading, and cargo haulers. It is strictly forbidden to play and beat in the litter box. It is strictly forbidden to do any damage.

7.When the elevator is finished, the elevator operator should stop the car at the base level and turn off the switch on the control panel and close the door.

8.When the elevator is overhauled, it shall hang "elevator maintenance and stop operation" warning signs at the hall door.

9.When cleaning the equipment and sanitation of the machine room, it must be carried out under the supervision of the special person.

10.When the elevator fails, the operation should be stopped and the maintenance personnel shall be notified to repair it.