Steps To Install The Elevator.

According to the actual situation, we adopt the construction site tower crane to cooperate with the installation method, using the tower crane to lift the basic structure of the elevator and the first three sections of the standard section.

1. Method of elevator installation.

According to the actual situation, we adopt the method of construction site coordinated installation of tower crane, tower crane will elevator infrastructure and three quarters standard section, basic fence, hanging basket, driven plate after the installation is complete, then add section installation, until to use height.

2. Elevator installation steps.

(1), infrastructure (base) of the erection crane to lift based on base frame hanging on the elevator, with a level section (foot) leveling standard interface, and filled the space between the frame and foundation, and then tighten the anchor bolts.

(2), three at the bottom of the guide frame (standard) installed at the bottom of the first three quarters of the standard section when on the ground, together with the tower crane crane on infrastructure interface, use the wei instrument adjusting verticality (1/1000), tighten connection bolts, tightening torque of 350 n. M. Construction elevator accessories offer construction elevator accessories quotation base and foundation section in place, can be assembled outside the cage, adjusted the verticality of cage doors (1/1000), make up and down outside the door open and flexible.

The installation of the ladder cage.

After installing the six buffer springs on the frame, lift the ladder cage with the tower crane, and place it slowly on the standard section and place it on the buffer spring.

The installation of the driving device.

Loosen brake motor, first remove the two split pin, tear down, make a mark on the nut opening, easy to reset after tightening the two nut, make sure the two nut parallel backspin, straight to brake loosen, dynamic brake disc can be arbitrary. You can also use wedge block to play the motor brake device to release the brake.

Use tower crane hoist drive, from the standard section above in place, will drive the connections and hoisting cage ears slabs, wear into the pin shaft, and fixed (with overload device of the elevator through sensor pin, upward, and will stop groove fitted with fixed plate). After the driving device is in place, the performance of the motor braking device is restored, and the cage top rail is installed.