Take The Elevator For Safety

Taking a lift is almost as common as homely food. So do you know how safe it is to take the elevator? Take the elevator to stand in the safety line.


Although people may deal with elevators every day, many people do not even know that there are many things to be aware of when taking an electric escalator. First, the edge of the escalator stepped pedal is generally provided with a yellow safety warning border. When passengers step into the escalator, they should pay attention to their feet leaving the edge of the steps, standing in the yellow safety warning frame on the stepped pedal, not stepping on the junction of the two steps, and holding the handrails. This is the most basic safety requirement.


Secondly, before boarding, tie your shoes tightly and pay attention to loose, towed clothing (such as long skirts, dresses, etc.) so as not to be trapped on the edge of the step, the comb plate, the apron board, or the inner cover plate; When the run is not synchronized with the rung, be careful to adjust the hand position at any time.


Third, when riding, do not touch shoes or clothing on the escalator glass or crevices to avoid unnecessary injuries caused by hanging on the rung. When leaving, do not stay on escalators or sidewalk exits so as not to affect other passengers and avoid Caused push.

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