Technical Renovation Of Elevator

     Elevator technical renovation of the contents of the previous elevator fault, quality level is not high, mainly reflected in the electrical control of the elevator part. AC Double speed elevator adopts relay control, many devices, complex control structure, contact touch point reliability is poor; the AC speed-regulating elevator is controlled by discrete components early, and the manufacturing quality of domestic SCR and other electronic devices is not stable. DC Speed Control elevator is basically the generator set drag, discrete components plus relay controls. Elevator control and speed adjustment technology backward, device aging, is the main cause of poor quality of the elevator. Therefore, the technical renovation of the elevator is mainly around the electrical part of the elevator.Elevator

     The mechanical part of the elevator is relatively stable in quality, especially the elevators produced by several large elevator factories in China. Generally, when the elevator is reformed, the mechanical part is only adjusted and overhauled. Only when the service life of the elevator is too long, the mechanical wear is serious or the inherent quality problems of the elevator machinery are considered. The safety parts of elevators, such as door locks, forced closing devices and so on, have not met many of the requirements of GB7588 l995, is a focus of the transformation of the object.Elevator

     In order to improve the door machine noise and working reliability, a new type of door machine system or door-machine speed control device such as VVVF is used to reconstruct the portal machine, and the effect is also very good. On some occasions, the elevator reform not only seeks to reduce the failure rate, but also the elevator control mode (signal control instead of centralized control, single operation to double parallel, etc.), the elevator speed control mode (two-speed change, double speed to VVVF, Chanchan into VVVF) to transform. For the pursuit of perfect elevator renovation, a number of hotels, schools, offices, office buildings also require the elevator decoration on the renovation.Elevator

     The green concept is the general trend of elevator development. The main development trends are as follows: Continuous improvement of product design, production of environmentally friendly low energy consumption, low noise, no oil leakage, no leakage, no electromagnetic interference, no well track guide rail grease pollution of the elevator. Elevator

     Elevator traction using nylon synthetic fiber traction rope, steel belt, such as no lubricating oil pollution drag method. Elevator decoration will be used without (less) environmental pollution materials, elevator no-load rise and full load downlink motor regeneration Generation recovery technology, installation of elevators will not need to install scaffolding, elevator parts in the production and use of the environment has no impact (such as brake skin must not use asbestos) and materials can be recycled.Elevator