The Application Of Elevator In Modern Times

     In modern life, we are increasingly inseparable from the use of elevators, whether in the mall or large buildings, need to use the elevator, although convenient for people to use, but how to make the elevator safe use is a big problem. Elevator is a special space, small space and personnel, can not exclude the indoor cooling load, so that indoor air temperature and humidity are relatively high, can not meet the requirements of comfort, and up and down the speed of basic to the domestic standards, resulting in good quality elevator.Elevator
     Elevator speed tester, is to measure the elevator acceleration, speed, vibration and escalator quality of the special equipment, fully in line with ISO 18738 and ISO 8041 international standards, but also in line with the country's "elevator carrier quality measurement gb/t24474-2009/iso18738:2003" Standard。 The comprehensive testing elevator comfort also plays a very good role, gu name also known as Elevator comfort Tester. The product has provided effective industry help to many universities and institutes.Elevator
      In the field of electromechanical and light industry test equipment and test technology, the promotion of science and technology to become the preferred partner of customer trust, and strive in 10 years to successfully develop into the world of electromechanical, light industry testing equipment in the field of three strong enterprises. With the development of the global testing instrument industry, we are ready to sprint, with our courage, wisdom and experience, interpretation of our understanding of testing equipment, listening to customer requirements, to create a cost-effective test equipment for customers, and increasingly meet the emerging demand for a variety of new testing equipment market, By meeting the needs of customers, the development of our own to become the most popular test equipment enterprises, the world's leading supplier of testing equipment.Elevator
      Applicable to the quality and technical Supervision Bureau, Commodity Inspection Bureau, elevator installation departments and other units of the elevator speed limiter on-site testing, also applicable to the elevator speed limiter manufacturers on-line detection and use. Elevator speed limiter tester can be said to take up the elevator daily use of safety must supplies, without it is difficult to ensure the use of safety, the importance of an imagined.Elevator