The Arrangement Of Escalators

Escalators are generally located in indoor, can also be located in outdoor. According to the escalator position in quick hotel design and plane layout, arrangement has the following kinds of escalator.

(1) a single layout. This kind of arrangement will often two escalators separate to the sides, a is responsible for the upward transportation passenger flow, one is in charge of transportation passenger flow down. In central plane this arrangement is helpful to form a whole open space, but the passenger flow of discontinuity, upward downward orientation is not too clear.

(2) double parallel arrangement. This arrangement often be together two escalator parallel arrangement, set in the central plane, escalator guidance is clear, but the passenger flow of discontinuity, and on site, easy to chaos.

(3) dual string arrangement. In this arrangement will each layer in the design of quick hotel escalator regularly offset distance and the space effect is good, the passenger flow continuously at the same time, the guidance is clear, but the installation area is large, suitable for larger area, deep deep floor of building and service.

(4) the double cross layout. This arrangement will cross two escalators to decorate, make the passenger flow continuous lift direction, and on site far away from each other, it is not easy to chaos, small installation space, is currently in use is more a way.