The Attention And Development Trend Of Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

    First, the elevator in each service layer station has the layer door, the car movement direction indicator, the mathematics display car, the running position finger layer device and the Summon elevator button. When the elevator call button is used, go upstairs and press the direction button and push the direction button downstairs. Second, when the car arrives, the floor direction indicates the direction of the car, the passenger judge to direction and determine the normal elevator into the car, pay attention to the closure of the door, do not in the doorway with the car door docking place. Third, the car has a position display, control disk and open the door button and floor layer of the election button. After entering the car, lift the button to the floor of the election layer. To close the car door immediately, open the door button. The car floor position indicator indicating the arrival floor and waiting for the car door open can be left.Automatic pedestrian ladder
   Four, the elevator rated load of 13 people, can not overload operation, personnel overload, please take the initiative to withdraw. Passenger elevators can not often be used as cargo elevators, absolutely not allow the shipment of flammable, explosive products. Six, when the elevator occurred abnormal phenomenon or failure, should remain calm, can call the car inside the rescue phone, must not pry door, attempt to escape the car. Seven, passengers are not allowed to rely on the car door, not allowed to smoke in the car and littering, to keep the car clean and hygienic. Eight, passengers should take care of the elevator facilities, not casually press the button and disorderly pry door. Nine, the driver should strictly carry out the responsibilities of the post, elevator operation should not be away from the post, found fault timely processing and reporting. Ten, do not allow the driver to overhaul, emergency stop button as the normal exercise before the cancellation of the call signal; Do not allow the maintenance speed in the layer, the car door open case exercise; not allowed to open the car roof trapdoor, safety door; do not allow the maintenance of the speed to carry out the exercise of the super long objects; not allowed to use the starting or shutting of the door of the manual car as the starting or stopping function of the elevator; Xi, the driver should always check the operation of the elevator, regular contact with the elevator maintenance, do a good maintenance records. 12, the elevator stop use, the driver should be parked in the base station, and the switch on the disc is all disconnected, close the good layer door. If the notice of power failure, in advance to do the elevator stop work.Automatic pedestrian ladder
    Life continues, technology is developing and elevators are progressing. 150 years, the elevator material from black and white to color, style from straight to oblique, in the control of the operation is a step out of the new-handle switch operation, button control, signal control, set selection control, man-machine dialogue and so on, multiple elevators also appear in parallel control, intelligent Group control; double-deck elevator shows the advantages of saving well path space and improving transportation ability; The appearance of the variable speed automatic sidewalk escalator greatly saves the pedestrian time; different shapes--fan, triangle, half diamond, semicircle, The whole round sightseeing elevator is no longer closed to the passengers in it. Today, the world's most famous elevator companies show the charm, still continue to carry out new product development, and constantly improve the maintenance and maintenance services system. FM door control, intelligent remote monitoring, host energy-saving, control cabinet low noise and durability, composite steel belt environmental Protection--a section jina human in the machinery, electronics, optics and other fields of the latest scientific research in the new elevator competition came out, cold buildings so scattering the brilliance of human nature, people's lives have become more beautiful.Automatic pedestrian ladder