The Attention Points Of Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

      Take the escalator, note: Walk on the left, stand on the right. In the entrance, to speak the order, be sure to disperse the personnel, not to push. In front of the escalator, fasten shoelaces, to prevent the attention of loose, drag long skirts, bags and other things by the edge of the cascade, comb, etc. hang or drag. Children take elevators, need to be accompanied by parents, adults must hold the child, do not touch the button and so on. (Parents and guardians must keep in mind)Automatic pedestrian ladder

      On the escalator, the head, limbs can not be stretched out of the handrail device, in order to avoid obstacles, ceilings, adjacent escalators impact. It is not possible to insert sharp hard objects such as crutches, umbrella tips or high heels into the gaps in the cascade edges or the grooves in the cascade pedals to prevent damage to the steps and cause personal accidents. Hold the handrail belt. When riding an escalator must stand and hold the handrail, so that in the event of an upward reversal, they do not fall hurt, and will not be associated with others fall, but also may prevent the front fall. Pay attention when the escalator rises to the top.Automatic pedestrian ladder

     Do not squat on the cascade pedal, if comb the tooth plate has the comb tooth defect, the deformation, squat sits easily causes the buttocks to be seriously harmed. Do not throw cigarette butts on the steps, discard the peel, bottle caps, ice cream sticks, chewing gum, commodity packaging and other sundries.Automatic pedestrian ladder

      Do not jump, play, run, bulky goods and trolleys as far as possible not to use escalator transport. Do not climb handrails or inside and outside the cover plate, strictly prohibited in the handrail or inside and outside the cover to play. Hand-pushed baby car, shopping cart, etc. can not be accompanied by people. In case the car loses its balance and rolls, injuring other passengers or damaging the equipment.Automatic pedestrian ladder

     In case of a fire or earthquake, the building should be evacuated by fire-fighting stairs. Escalators and automatic sidewalks should not be taken when flooding occurs, and should be evacuated as soon as possible through other safe exits. When the escalator stops running, do not use as a walking staircase, the vertical height of the cascade is much higher than the daily staircase, which may cause the fall or tripping due to the adaptation.Automatic pedestrian ladder