The Classification Of Moving Walk

According to the structure, it can be divided into the step automatic sidewalk (similar to the plate conveyor), the belt type automatic sidewalk (similar to the belt conveyor) and the double line automatic sidewalk. In order to achieve common and economical purpose of escalator parts, the ladder structure and the same handrail structure are often used. The handrail should be run synchronously with the active road to ensure the safety of passengers. Automatic sidewalks, running speed, road width and transmission capacity are similar to escalator, maximum Angle is generally not more than 12 °.

According to armrest adornment classification.

1) full transparency: refers to the automatic walkway made of all transparent glass by the armrest wall board, and the glass shape can be further divided into surface glass type and glass type.

2) opaque: refers to an automatic walkway made of opaque metal or other materials. Because the handrail bracket is fixed on the upper part of the retaining plate, the handrail is carried on the guide rail of the armrest bracket for circular motion, so the stability of the opaque type is better than the all-transparent type. It is mainly used in subway, station, wharf, etc. The high - scale automatic pavement.

3) semi - transparent: refers to the handrail panel for semi-transparent, such as the use of semi-transparent glass and other materials.

In terms of armrest decoration, transparent glass baseboard have certain strength, its thickness should be not less than 6 mm, with transparent glass baseboard has better decorative effect, so the baseboard using plate made of transparent glass automatic sidewalk accounted for the vast majority.

The automatic pavement is classified according to the tread structure.

1) pedal type: automatic footpath of a plate made of metal or other materials made of metal or other materials by passengers standing on the tread.

2) duct tape: the standing tread of passengers is the automatic sidewalk of continuous steel strip with rubber layer on the surface.

The belt type automatic walkway is balanced, but the manufacture and use cost is higher, which is suitable for the automatic sidewalk with high speed. The most commonly seen is the pedal - style automatic sidewalk.