The Composition Of The Observation Elevator

The composition of the observation elevator

The modern elevator consists of a tractor (winch), guide rail, heavy equipment, safety device (such as speed limiter, safety clamp and buffer, etc.), signal control system, cage and hall door. These parts are installed in the well road and the machine room respectively. The steel wire rope is usually used for friction transmission, and the wire rope is used to bypass the tractor wheel. The two ends are connected to the cage and the balance weight respectively. The motor drives the tractor to lift the cage. The elevator requires safe and reliable transportation efficiency, accurate level and comfort. The basic parameters of the elevator mainly include the rated load, number of passengers, rated speed, the size of the cage and the type of well.

The traction system includes traction motor, hauling rope wheel, reducer, brake, tractor base, driver wheel, etc. The tow rope wheel is mounted on the bearing beam. Elevator traction machine is the elevator drive mechanism in operation and with the aid of the bearing beam, through the tractive rope, take all the full load component of movement of the reciprocating lift (dynamic load and static load), adopt i-steel structure bearing beam.

The suspension compensation system consists of a tow rope, a car, and a full structure, a compensation rope, a tensioning wheel, etc. The cage and the opposite are the main parts of the elevator, which are the container for carrying passengers and carrying goods.

The guidance system includes guide rail and guide shoe, guide the cage and the vertical lift movement.

The electrical system is the control system of the elevator, including various contactors, relays, controllers and displays.

Safety devices include speed limiters, safety tongs, buffers, various door safety devices, etc.