The Development Of Automatic Ladder

The elevator has been living in people for 150 years. The following with the "

In 1854, at the Crystal Palace in New York World Expo, the Americans first invented the invention of the world. He stood on the elevator platform filled with cargo, ordered the assistant to pull the platform to the height of the audience, and then with an assistant with an ax power. Surprisingly, the elevator did not collide, but firmly fixed in the air, the elevator safety device invented a certain role. "Everything is safe, gentlemen. Mr. Otis, who stood on the elevator platform, waved to the people who watched him, and nobody thought it was the first safety promotion in human history.

The use of lifting tools for the transport of goods, the history of personnel is very long. As early as 2600 BC, the Egyptians in the construction of the pyramid on the use of the most primitive elevator system, the basic principles of this system is still no change: that is balanced at the same time, the load platform to rise. Early lifting tools are basically human.Automatic pedestrian ladder

In 1203, a donkey powered crane was installed on a monastery on the French coast, ending the history of human carrying heavy objects. British scientist Watt invented the steam engine, the crane began to use steam power plant.

Subsequently, William Thomson (William Thomson) developed a hydraulic drive hydraulic drive elevator, hydraulic medium is water. On the basis of these elevators, several generations of innovative engineers continue to improve the elevator technology. However, a critical security issue has not yet been resolved, that is, once the lift is broken, the load platform will crash.Automatic pedestrian ladder

The invention completely rewrote the history of human lifting tools. Since then, the elevator is no longer a "brave game", the world's elevator is also widely used. In December 1889, with the DC motor as the driving force of the name of the elevator, through the worm gear reducer drive rope winding, lifting the car. In 1892, began to use the button control device to replace the traditional car rope control mode, for the modern way to create a precedent.Automatic pedestrian ladder

Life continues, technology development, the elevator is also rising. 150 years, the elevator material from black and white to color, style from straight to oblique, control control is step by step new - handle switch operation, button control, signal control, set control, man-machine dialogue and other elevators also appear parallel control, intelligent group control ; Double lift elevator shows the advantages of saving the lifting space, improve the transport capacity; variable speed sidewalk escalator greatly reduced pedestrian time; different shapes of the fan, triangle, semi-rhombic, semi-circular, all-round sightseeing elevator makes the line of sight is no longer closed Of the passengers. Today, the United States Otis company as the world's leading elevator company exhibitors on behalf of, still continue to carry out new elevator research and development, and constantly improve the maintenance and repair service system. Frequency control, intelligent remote monitoring, host energy saving, control cabinet low noise and durable, composite steel environmental protection - a body in the mechanical, electronics, optics and other areas of the latest scientific research results of the new elevator race, cold buildings so scattered in the glory of human nature, People's lives become more beautiful.Automatic pedestrian ladder