The Difference Between The Lifts And Service Lifts

Lifts and can be called, pantry elevator, food ladder, food ladder or multi-use lifts. It is a fixed lifting equipment, may require floor, but the car is not allowed to enter personnel. So what is the difference between lifts and freight elevators is it?

Lifts and service lifts debris biggest difference is that lifts are not allowed anyone to enter into the lifts, service lifts running, staff and goods is also equipped personnel. Lifts serving the designated landing fixed riser food ladder, generally not exceeding 8 layers. Freight elevators generally refers to passenger and freight elevators, no floor restrictions. Lifts according to the state technical standards for maximum rated load of no more than 500kg, and cargo elevator up to 2000kg in comparison, the price is much lower than the lifts freight elevators more. But the two are not the same use, power is not the same, the implementation of technical standards are good to distinguish.