The Disadvantages Of Machine Roomless Elevators And Machine Room Elevators

1, noise, vibration and use limitations

There are two kinds of host placement methods for machine-room-lessness: one is for the host to be placed on the top of the car, and the other is to use the guide wheel in the shaft. No matter which of the above methods, the impact of noise is very great because of the steel connection and noise The voice of the fan, which is digested in the hoistway plus brakes, will be amplified. Therefore, the noise-free room is significantly larger than the organic room. In addition, the resonance of the rigid connection of the host is inevitably transmitted to the car and the guide rail has a greater impact on the car and the guide rail, so the comfort of the machine room is obviously weaker than that of the organic room. Due to the impact of these two items, no-room elevators are not suitable for high-speed trapezoids above 1.75/s. In addition, due to the limited support capacity of the shaft wall, the load-bearing capacity of non-room elevators is generally not more than 1150 kg. The excessively large carrying capacity imposes excessive load requirements on the shaft wall, and we usually have 200mm of reinforced concrete. The brick and concrete structure is usually 240mm. The load is too large so that in the 1.75m / s, 1150 kg below the trapezoidal machine room can replace the organic room and large capacity high-speed elevator organic room elevator is significantly better than the machine room elevator.

2, the temperature effect

The heat output of the elevator is relatively large, and its various electronic components are relatively poor in high-temperature capability, and now the organic-room elevators and machine-room-less elevators are all equipped with permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machines. The temperature of permanent magnet synchronous motors is also not suitable. If it is too high, it may cause "magnetism loss". So now the national standard has a clear rule on the temperature and exhaust air volume of the engine room. The main heat-generating components such as the machine room of the machine-room-less room are all due to the lack of corresponding cooling and exhausting facilities in the hoistway, which results in a relatively large impact on the host and the control cabinet due to the machine-room-less elevator temperature. Hot air gathered in the elevator cannot be discharged. Therefore, we must pay attention to this type of elevator.

3, fault repair and personnel rescue

Roomless elevator maintenance and management is not as convenient as organic elevators. Machine-room-less elevator maintenance and debugging is more troublesome because no matter how good the elevator is also difficult to avoid failure and no machine room elevator because the host is installed on the host of the beam in the shaft if the host (motor) problem is very troublesome, so the national standard expressly provides The elevator room safety window of the engine room can be added without setting up the machine room so as to save and repair and maintain the convenience and safety of the main engine. Therefore, the organic elevator in the maintenance area occupies an absolute advantage. If there is space, it is recommended to use an organic room. In addition, in the area of personnel rescue, elevators without machine room are also very troublesome. In the event of a power outage, emergency power must be installed. In general, the elevator emergency power supply requires more funds.

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