The Energy-saving Requirement Of Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

With the increasing degree of social automation, people tend to choose more and more means of transport, so in the upper and lower corridor to replace staircase escalator application more and more extensive, including Subway, airport, shopping malls, hotels, street tunnels and pedestrian overpass and other occasions. Before the ordinary escalator without detection device, can not judge whether someone rides, its escalator is always kept running state, brought a lot of energy waste.Automatic pedestrian ladder

Now that the country is vigorously advocating for energy conservation, has gradually failed to meet the requirements of the owners, so the frequency-conversion elevator came into being, and this elevator is the biggest feature of the entrance will be close to detection personnel, in the detection of someone in the normal speed, while no one in slow or stop state, in order to achieve energy efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to be able to reliably determine whether the human body is close to the sensor device.Automatic pedestrian ladder

An ultrasonic sensor is installed underneath the handrail on each side of the escalator entrance and T30ux, using the emitted ultrasound to illuminate the body, and receiving the reflected sound waves, a NPN/PNP or relay signal can be emitted after a passenger is detected at the entrance of the escalator.Automatic pedestrian ladder 

Thus for the escalator actuator (Motor drive system) to provide accurate operational instructions to reach the passengers when running, no passengers switch to energy-saving state. In order to ensure that every passenger who comes in different directions can be detected, the installation position of the sensor needs to be positioned towards the inside of the escalator, so that the two ultrasonic waves will converge, and the escalator entrance to form a blind spot of the detection zone.Automatic pedestrian ladder