The Horizontal State Of The Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

A conveyor that is set up to carry personnel continuously between the floors of a building. Widely used in stations, docks, shopping malls, airports and underground railways and other places of concentration. 1900, the Paris International Exposition on the stage of a ladder-like staircase is the prototype of the modern escalator, the escalator has been rapidly developed in various countries.Automatic pedestrian ladder 

The escalator consists of a staircase (a variant plate conveyor) and an armrest (a deformed belt conveyor) on both sides. Its main components are cascade (four-wheeled trolley), traction chain and sprocket, rail system, main drive system (including motor, deceleration device, brake and intermediate drive link, etc.), drive spindle, ladder tensioning device, handrail system, comb board, escalator skeleton and electrical system.Automatic pedestrian ladder

The cascade moves horizontally at the entrance of the passenger (to facilitate passenger boarding), gradually forming a ladder, and the steps are gradually disappearing at the close to the exit and the steps are again horizontal. These movements are realized by the steps of the Cascade main wheel and the auxiliary wheel respectively along different step guides. The main parameters of the escalator are elevation (usually within 10 meters, special case can be dozens of meters), tilt angle (generally 30°), speed (generally 0.5 m/s), Step width (single $number mm, double $number mm), Conveying capacity (single 4000~5000 person/time, double 8000~12000 person/time), Cascade Pitch and traction chain pitch, etc.Automatic pedestrian ladder The escalator frequency conversion operation control system is a new control system which is composed of inverter, photoelectric switch, escalator inverter running special controller and other necessary auxiliary components on the basis of the original power frequency control control system.Automatic pedestrian ladder 

The escalator can control the running speed of the escalator according to the passenger flow condition. When there are no passengers on the escalator, escalator low speed operation; When the escalator photoelectric switch detects a passenger, the escalator starts to accelerate smoothly and achieves the rated running speed; When the system does not detect passengers within a certain time, the system starts to slow down and stays in a low-speed energy-saving operation until there is a passenger demand again.Automatic pedestrian ladder