The Importance Of Elevator Maintenance

Elevator maintenance has always been called by the industry as a "health check" for elevators. How to standardize the elevator maintenance? Why maintenance? What is the quality of maintenance? What are the consequences of low-cost maintenance?

How much do you know about these issues? If you have the opportunity, compare the elevators of the same model with the same brand, and see how different maintenance and maintenance will affect the service life, and you will know how important maintenance is.

Maintenance is done well. Elevator can only live long.

Elevator maintenance is like the "physical examination" of the human body. After maintenance, minor problems have not caused major problems and are dealt with promptly. A professional emphasizes that maintenance is done well, the elevator can live long, and maintenance is in place. How important is the health of the elevator, and maintenance is done well, which will effectively reduce the frequency of elevator failures and ensure the safety of the occupants.

Maintenance is not standardized and the elevator is not aging. China’s “Special Equipment Safety Law” stipulates that the maintenance of elevators shall be carried out by the elevator manufacturing company or the installation, modification, and repair unit that has obtained permission in accordance with this Law. However, have you taken the elevator several times a day in a district or a unit and have you regularly performed maintenance? Are you concerned about whether or not maintenance is in place?

At present, the maintenance of elevators is divided into two forms: First, the company authorized or commissioned by the original elevator company to maintain; Second, the elevator use units hire third-party maintenance company for maintenance. "Because of many factors, some elevators are stored in nonstandard, incomplete and other problems.

“Professionals say that there are many incentives for maintenance failure, such as the lack of real estate in some communities, or the failure to take over elevators when the property is stationed, leading to a lack of clarity in the use of the entity. Some properties require maintenance at a price significantly lower than the cost in order to save expenses. In the company, there are “forms” for the guarantors; in addition, the number of elevators has grown at a rapid rate, and there is a large gap for professional maintenance personnel.

Among them, low-cost maintenance may have the greatest potential safety hazard. The elevator industry association once issued the self-regulatory cost price for Weibao in August 2011 – a minimum of 300 yuan/set. However, a person in charge of an elevator company said that many companies tried hard to cut prices, causing maintenance to go through the court, and the elevators were not aging. In addition, no money can be earned from maintenance, and some companies have no choice but to adopt “repair for insurance”.

In addition, there is a kind of hidden concern - affiliation maintenance: some non-formal maintenance personnel, affiliated with an elevator company, as long as the elevator company to share the money, how much can take the number of live, then of course it is difficult to protect the maintenance With regard to the quality of service, some elevator companies have indeed taken risks in the interest of economic interests.

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