The Insurance On The Elevator Is More Professional. Hangzhou Gongshu Is The First Comprehensive Elevator Management Model.

Recently, four commercial hotels in Gongshu District of Hangzhou City, seven elevators for office space and one medical institution elevator have a “endowment insurance”. This is the first comprehensive elevator management model in Gongshu District, and it began to promote to elevators outside residential areas.

In recent years, with the large number of elevators in Gongshu District entering the era of “aging”, the demand for maintenance and renewal has increased, and the problems of low quality of maintenance and difficulty in implementing funds have become increasingly prominent. "Especially, the maintenance of the maintenance service is not professionally regulated, and there is a phenomenon of repairing the insurance, minor illnesses, overhauls and maintenance." Li Guocheng, deputy director of the Gongshu District Market Supervision Administration, said that the old elevators not only have security risks, but also overhaul. The high cost of replacement and replacement also put pressure on the community and residents.

In September last year, the Gongshu District Market Supervision Administration took the lead in exploring the comprehensive insurance for elevators in the jurisdiction. Through the policy agreement, the community will package the daily maintenance, repair and inspection costs of the elevators into insurance companies in the form of premiums. The quality of the maintenance of the elevator maintenance unit is supervised, and the market-based management of fixed loss and compensation for spare parts repair is carried out. After the insurance has reached a certain number of years, when the old elevator needs to be overhauled or replaced, the insurance company will bear part of the expenses proportionally, thus diluting the elevator's “endangerment” cost.

Under the impetus of the community committee, property company, insurance company and other parties, on March 27, 23 elevators in Hushu Jiayuan of Gongshu District all participated in the insurance. After the insurance company's "physical examination" and measurement of the insured elevator, the community invested an average premium of 8,000 yuan per elevator. This cost is slightly higher than the previous daily maintenance expenditure, but in the long run, the owners feel that the account is "scratched."

Chen Yougen, property manager of Qingshui Apartment in Hushu Street, told the reporter that after the insurance company intervened in the elevator safety management, the quick payment process was used to solve the financial problems and improve the maintenance efficiency. At the same time, the insurance company as a stakeholder, through the use of third-party agencies to verify, determine the damage, and regular quantitative assessment of the maintenance unit, to further ensure the quality of maintenance.

At present, there are 172 elevators in Gongshu District, and the participation rate of elevators is 2.3%. It is understood that the promotion of elevator old-age comprehensive insurance is one of the objectives of the three-year action plan for elevator safety social comprehensive management in Gongshu District. It is also a people's livelihood project with high public concern. The Gongshu District Market Supervision Administration has invited the discipline inspection and supervision team. Conduct full supervision to ensure that the work is carried out in the sun. By the end of 2020, Gongshu District plans to achieve an elevator participation rate of 50%.