The Introduction Of The Escalator And What To Pay Attention To When Buying

    Jesse W ยท Renault and George H. Wheeler Their earliest idea was to design an active slope. It is easy to make this thing, but for the passengers it is likely to be unstable or even dangerous. So Renault and Wheeler changed the design to move the steps to replace the slope. The staircase was patented in 1892, but it did not have its own name - "automatic staircase" until 1899. Each step is transported by four wheels, the four wheels in a hidden in the following track. The track is horizontal at the top and bottom of the automatic staircase, allowing people to set foot on or off the steps. The steps form a continuous turn ring, just as the steps on the automatic staircase today. It is mainly used for airports because people often have heavy luggage walking at the airport for a long distance .1. Determination of the type of elevator Escalator

    During the planning period of the building, the purpose of the building should be clarified because the type of elevator used varies greatly depending on the buildings of hotels, offices, hospitals, residential or industrial and mining enterprises, and, once determined, It is very troublesome to change. After the use of the building is determined, the passenger flow analysis is made according to its construction area, floor (height), the flow of the incoming and outgoing personnel, the position of the elevator in the building, etc., in order to determine the elevator speed, the load (the load at the full load of the elevator car) , The number of elevators required.Escalator

    The drawing of the civil drawing of the elevator is determined by the type, speed, load, number of stations, number of stops, total height of the elevator, etc., and it is possible to design the blueprint of the architectural design department. ) Part of the design department must be a professional elevator manufacturers to provide the same type of standard civil construction drawings, combined with the building elevator ladder different structures such as brick structure, concrete structure, brick structure or steel structure drawing drawings. Today, large and small markets and supermarkets have automatic stairs exist, we absolutely not unfamiliar. But some people do not know what he called. Even call it as an elevator.Escalator