The Invention History Of Elevator

In 1854, at the World's Fair in Crystal Palace, New York, the American Elassa Graves Otis demonstrated his invention to the world for the first time. He stood on the lift platform full of goods and ordered the assistant to raise the platform to a height that the audience could see. Then he signaled that the assistant had cut off the lift cable of the lift with a sharp axe. Surprisingly, the lift did not crash but was firmly fixed in mid-air - the elevator safety device invented by Mr. Otis had played a role. "Everything is safe, gentlemen." Mr. Otis, standing on the platform of the lift, waved to the people who watched. No one would think that this is the first safe lift in human history.


     The history of mankind's use of lifting tools to transport goods and personnel is very long. As early as 2600 BC, the Egyptians used the most primitive lifting system when building the pyramids. The basic principle of the system has not changed so far: that is, while a counterweight descends, the load platform rises. The early lifting tools were basically human-powered. In 1203, a donkey-powered crane was installed in a monastery on the coast of France, which ended the history of using heavy labor to transport heavy objects. After the British scientist Watt invented the steam engine, the crane device began to use steam as the power. Immediately afterwards, William Thomson developed a hydraulically driven lift, the hydraulic medium being water. On the basis of these lifts, generations of innovative engineers are continuously improving the technology of lifts.


However, one of the key safety issues has not been resolved. That is, once the elevator lifting cable breaks, the load platform will surely crash. Otis designed a spring to insert two steel teeth into the chute's V-shaped notch to prevent the cable from breaking. In this way, he created the world's first safe elevator. Mr. Otis's invention completely rewritten the history of human use of lifting tools. Since then, taking the lifts is no longer a "game for the brave," and lifts are widely used around the world. In December 1889, Otis Elevator Company made a veritable elevator, which uses a DC motor as the driving force, driving the ropes wound on the reel through the worm reducer, and hoisting and lifting the car. In 1892, the Otis Company of the United States began to use button-operated devices to replace the traditional way of pulling the ropes in the car, setting a precedent for the modernization of maneuvers.

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