The National Ad Hoc Safety Monitoring Work Conference Was Held In Hefei, Anhui.

From January 24th to 25th, the National Special Equipment Safety Supervision Work Conference was held in Hefei, Anhui. Chen Gang, a member of the Party Committee of the General Administration of Market Supervision, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the conference implemented the spirit of the State Council's Safe Production Work Video Teleconference and the National Market Supervision Work Conference, summed up the work of special equipment safety and energy conservation in 2018, and mobilized the key work in 2019. The meeting pointed out that the cadres and workers of the whole system should talk about politics and the overall situation, and realize the "two mistakes and two promotion" of institutional reform and safety supervision. In 2018, the number of special equipment accidents, the number of deaths and the number of injured people in the country all decreased significantly. In particular, the number of elevator accidents and the number of deaths decreased by 45% and 46% respectively, and the security situation further improved. The meeting requested that the safety supervision departments of special equipment at all levels should strengthen risk prevention and control and adhere to the safety bottom line; improve the responsibility system and enhance the efficiency of supervision; deepen the reform of safety supervision and innovate the working mechanism; consolidate the work foundation and strengthen the building of grassroots capacity, Strive to create a new situation in the safety of special equipment. Chen Gang pointed out that the national special equipment security front has conscientiously implemented the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, constantly adapting to the new situation and new requirements, accelerating the reform and development of the cause, and achieving remarkable results in the safety and energy conservation of special equipment. Chen Gang demanded that he profoundly understand the new requirements of the central government for safety work, carry forward the idea of life first and safety first, and strictly prevent serious accidents; deeply understand the new requirements of deepening reform, innovate and improve post-event supervision, stimulate market vitality and enhance Endogenous power, release the potential of domestic demand, and deepen the reform of “distribution service”; profoundly understand the new requirements for the work of special equipment in the reform of market supervision system, and be the forerunner of reform, the defender of fair competition in the market, and the guardian of the safety bottom line. Chen Gang stressed that it is necessary to firmly hold the safety bottom line, do a good job in risk prevention and control and hidden dangers, and speed up the construction of a "double prevention" long-term mechanism; focus on implementing the main responsibility of enterprises, use social insurance mechanisms, and play a role in credit supervision. We must strengthen the reform objectives, do a good job of supporting measures, strengthen interactions, implement top-level design, and accelerate reform and innovation; we must focus on capacity building, strengthen basic support capacity building, focus on personnel training, and constantly consolidate the foundation of special equipment. Solidly promote the safety and energy conservation of special equipment to a new level. Representatives of the Emergency Management Department and the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission, the leaders of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities with separate plans, sub-provincial cities, and the Xinjiang Municipal Production and Construction Corps market supervision department, and the heads of special equipment safety supervision institutions, China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute and China The main person in charge of the Special Equipment Safety and Energy Conservation Promotion Association attended the meeting.