The Operation Efficiency Of Elevator

Elevators are now more and more, in the hotel, office buildings, such as the use of electricity survey statistics, elevator power consumption accounted for more than 17%~25%, second only to the air-conditioning power consumption, higher than lighting, water supply and other electricity consumption.Elevator 

At present, the elevator in foreign countries has been divided into "energy-intensive" and advanced "feedback type" two kinds of customers in the new purchase of elevators, the choice of "feedback" elevator proportion more and more. The use of advanced power electronics technology, reliable and safe quality, fully intelligent operation, simple to no customer to do any operation. More Perfect after-sale warranty service for customers to solve all worries. One year warranty, life-long maintenance.Elevator

With the expansion of modern production scale and the improvement of people's living standard, the contradiction between power supply and demand is increasingly prominent. The statistics show that the electric motor to drag the load consumes more than 70% of the total power consumption. Therefore, the motor drive system to save energy has a particularly important social significance and economic benefits.Elevator

Improve the operating efficiency of the motor drive system, such as fan, water pump speed control is to improve the load efficiency as the goal of energy-saving measures, and then such as elevator traction machine using inverter speed control to replace induction motor speed control is to improve the motor operating efficiency as the goal of energy-saving measures;Elevator 

The mechanical energy of the load on the motion (potential, Kinetic energy) is transformed into electricity (regenerative electric energy) and sent back to the AC power grid for use by other nearby power devices, so that the motor drive system consumes electricity in the unit time and thus achieves the purpose of saving electricity.Elevator

Generally speaking, heavy load of elevators, motor power is also large, the motor itself is also a great moment of inertia. such as two-speed motor 22-kilowatt of the moment of inertia is 8.2 times times larger than 4-kilowatt, and 7.5 kw of the two-speed motor with the same power of the frequency conversion motor big 4.5 times times, while the inverter motor 6 poles, 15-kilowatt of the moment of inertia than the same power of 4 poles greater than 2.4 times times. In addition, the moment of inertia that is converted to the motor shaft by Linear Motion J will vary depending on the rated load and rated speed.Elevator