The Operation Mode And Type Of Elevator

Modern elevators have two types of electric and hydraulic. The typical structure of electric elevator includes car, Hall door, guideway, Traction Machine (winch), safety device and signal control system. These parts are installed in the building's well path and room. Usually the use of wire rope friction transmission, wire rope around the traction wheel, at both ends of the car and balance, respectively, motor driven traction wheel to lift the car. This kind of elevator is suitable for various lifting heights.Elevator

There are several kinds of electric drive modes, such as AC two-speed system, AC speed control system and DC speed control system. Low-speed elevator usually adopts AC double speed system, and high-speed elevator adopts DC speed control system. Hydraulic elevators rely on the expansion of the piston in the hydraulic cylinder to promote the car movement, there is a piston jacking up the car directly to the top and through the wire rope, pulley to drive the car's indirect top-lift two types. The speed of this elevator is generally not more than 0.5 m/s, the elevation is not more than 20 meters. With braking resistance, energy-saving transformation, when the elevator traction power of 15kW and below, choose 25A products; When the elevator traction power in 15kW to 22kW, select 30A Products; When the elevator traction power is greater than 22kW, select 40A products.Elevator No brake resistance, the elevator matching, when the elevator traction power under 15kW, can choose 25A products; When the elevator traction power in 15kW to the. 5kW, select the 30A product; When the lift of the tractor power in the. 5kW to 30kW, select the 40A product; When the lift of the traction machine power above 30kW, with 2 products in parallel.Elevator

Control of the relatively simple form of elevators by the full-time driver using a handle or button manipulation. Modern elevator operation has been increasingly automated, commonly used automatic elevators for the collection control mode. The control elevator in the car compartment is equipped with a layer-selection instruction button, each layer of stations are equipped with the upper and lower direction of the call button, the elevator can simultaneously remember the choice of each layer in the car and the level station call ladder signal, the car in accordance with these instructions and signal automatic door to start running, and then stop. If there is no longer an instruction signal in front of the direction of operation, along the way, the same response to the opposite directions and signals, and then parked on the last floor or back to the base station. The collection control elevator can form two parallel or three parallel operation modes.Elevator