The Principle Of Automatic Pedestrian Ladder

      In order to realize the safety control of the braking distance and the maximum braking speed, the intelligent work brakes need to adopt different working methods with the conventional machine-electric brakes. The variable braking force needs the brake in the controlled state to implement the work brake, can not use the direct power off the brake action mode. For this purpose, the work brake is controlled separately from the driving main power supply, and the power of the brake can not be cut directly when the electrical safety circuit is in effect.Automatic pedestrian ladder
      When the performance of such brakes may lead to maximum braking power in the case of loss of power, in order to prevent the escalator in the power failure of the possible uncontrolled power caused by the braking speed exceeding the limit, but also the type of work brakes to configure emergency energy to ensure the failure of the emergency braking and control speed reduction. When using the non-machine-electric brake, according to the requirements of safety specifications, should also be configured to meet the safety requirements of the additional brakes.Automatic pedestrian ladder
      Therefore, the design of the safety control to prevent the excessive drop of the work brake ability also involves the setting of the control value of the stopping distance. Because of the large number of conventional stops under no-load conditions, and the emergency stop is usually carried out under the loading conditions, this is the setting of the control value of the stopping distance and the actual control of the difficulty. Automatic pedestrian ladder
      If the maximum stopping distance is only set to the control datum, when the stopping distance is close to the maximum stopping distance under no-load condition, it may mean that the braking force of the work brake is far from enough to meet the requirements of the full safety system. Therefore, in order to make the stopping distance exceed the required maximum of 1.2 times times, it is also necessary to consider the combination of load state to implement control.Automatic pedestrian ladder
     For no-load braking, the controlled stopping distance should be significantly smaller than the maximum stopping distance stipulated by the safety specification, and the maximum stopping and reducing speed 1m/s2 should always be used as the control value in theory. The control value of stopping distance of no-load system should be determined by the structure design of escalator. For escalators with automatic start-up or slow standby, the state control of the suspended load can be implemented by considering the personnel count and the running time delay control of the sensor combined with the entrance.Automatic pedestrian ladder