The Protection Link And Maintenance And Debugging Control Of Escalator

                 Escalators, also known as escalators, escalators or escalators. Its shape is similar to the general staircase, there is a certain inclination, automatic transport personnel up and down, installed in different elevation of public places, such as stations, shopping malls. It consists of cascade, traction chain, driving device, ladder guide rail, metal skeleton, comb teeth cutting edge plate, handrail device, lubrication system and so on. It takes the three-phase asynchronous motor with a single speed and low noise big starting torque as the power, and drives the traction chain to rotate through the deceleration mechanism to drive the spindle wheel. The traction chain leads the Cascade movement, so that the cascade main wheel rotates along the ladder track, so that the cascade can be raised or lowered. Escalators according to the different control components, can be divided into relay contactor control, electronic and micro-computer type, and the following with the relay contactor control escalator For example analysis.Escalator

                 Protection Links: Escalators should be set to protect a lot of, such as driving chain broken bar, ladder-step sinking, comb plate shift, traction chain broken, handrails brought into the entrance of foreign bodies, handrails belt broken belt and other failures to protect. In the event of the above-mentioned fault, the escalator should be able to cut off the control power in time, quickly stop, in order to avoid personal casualties, damaged escalator parts. The circuit will fault detection switch SQ1~SQN constant closed contact string in the control circuit, once one of the above-mentioned fault, detection switch Sqn can be detected immediately, and disconnect its often open contact, cut off the control circuit power supply, so that motor ml, m2 stop rotation, brake shoe lock. In addition, the escalator is equipped with motor overload protection, phase sequence protection, phase-break protection, positive and negative turn interlock, Y-interlock protection.Escalator

                 Overhaul and debugging control: When the debugging box is plugged in, the device in the dotted box is connected, the intermediate relay is KA5, its often open contact Ka5 is closed, and the control circuit is converted to overhaul and debug working state.Escalator