The Real Role Of Mirrors In Elevators? Do You Know?

With the rise of high-rise buildings,

Elevators have long been an integral part of everyday life.

You need to take the elevator to work.

Take the elevator to the mall,

Go home and take the elevator.


It's hard to imagine a day without elevators,

What to do!!!!


That's how the elevator mirror works.

By the way, the elevator mirror may have another purpose,

It can help you be wary of strangers,

Especially when you're sitting in an elevator,

After all, there are so many bad people right now.


In fact, it's more than that.

It's for people who use wheelchairs,

Let them confirm the location of the elevator entrance.

Because they don't easily turn around in the elevator.


People who use wheelchairs go in and have their backs to the floor screen,

You can't see how many layers you're in,

So mirrors have two effects on people in wheelchairs,

See how many floors you're on.

When are you going to get off the elevator?

So it's not safe to put mirrors in an elevator,

Elevator safety besides the need for our civilization to take the stairs,

The first time rescue operation is taken in case of accident warning and failure,

That's what counts!