The Technological Progress Of The Elevator

With the development of computer technology, communication technology and control technology to make the building intelligent become a reality, and the elevator is an intelligent building in the important means of transport, its technology development and intelligence level also much attention. The intelligent elevator is connected with all the automation systems in the intelligent building, such as the building control system, the fire control system, the security monitoring system and so on. The elevator becomes a high-quality, safe and comfortable service tool. The serial communication is simple , The amount of transmission of information, etc., in the elevator control system applications are increasing, due to a large number of computer interface board input and output circuit, reducing the shaft, the number of wiring in the engine room, greatly improved reliability. With the intelligent building progress, fieldbus technology has now been applied to the elevator control system with the building's BAS, FAS, SAS.Elevator

From the elevator operation of the intelligent control point of view, the elevator has a high quality service quality. Control procedures should be used in advanced scheduling rules, so that group control governance has the best way to send ladder. Now the group control algorithm is not simply rely on "the shortest waiting time for passengers" as the goal, but the use of fuzzy theory, neural network, expert system approach, will be considered factors (ie expert knowledge) to the group control system to.Elevator In these factors, both the factors that affect the psychological factors of passengers, but also on the upcoming situation for the evaluation of the decision, is the expert system and the current state of the elevator combined with the multi-objective control. Elevator voice announcements and information display can be implemented thoughtful service. The genetic algorithm is used to optimize the passenger traffic pattern and send the ladder rules, and to realize the evolution of the elevator dispatching rules to adapt to the change of the environment. "People-oriented" design of the elevator control system, will make the service quality of the elevator getting better and better.Elevator

Because this facility is limited to the building where the elevator is located and is covered by the security staff, once the elevator is trapped, it is necessary to inform the professional staff to solve the problem. And now proposed remote monitoring service system is a step in the remote monitoring system, this advanced device set communication, fault diagnosis, microprocessor as a whole, it can be passed through the city line elevator operation and fault information to the remote service Center (ie, remote monitoring and maintenance center elevator), so that maintenance staff know where the elevator and how to deal with.Elevator