Various Performance Analysis Of Escalator

      Consumers are the mainstream group of today's society, their shopping environment, shopping atmosphere, shopping function requirements are increasingly high, and generally expect "large", "scale" of the commercial premises appear. In the department stores that drive economic development, escalators such as airports, subways, railway stations and other places have emerged.Escalator

      In the past, the control method of traditional relay control is widely used in escalator, so far many escalators still use this kind of control mode, this kind of electrical control principle is simple and intuitive. But the relay control circuit has more contacts, the wiring is more complex, the operation fault is more difficult to troubleshoot, and the limitation of Line control, the relay control mode is difficult to achieve many additional advanced functions; When the escalator works, whether or not passengers are in the rated operating state, with a large energy consumption, mechanical wear serious, Disadvantages of low service life.Escalator

     As the escalator automation and safety performance requirements gradually improve, and the escalator control system using traditional relay control can not meet the high performance requirements. Therefore, the use of PLC and inverter consistency of the stable, convenient, energy-saving control system, has become the escalator control technology development direction.Escalator

     When the power-saving/mains switching switch selects the mains, the escalator is open, stop, and the upper and lower line is consistent with the prior transformation. When the power-saving/mains switch chooses to save power, the escalator comes with the start switch and the upper and lower line switch is invalid, and the escalator running direction is controlled by the uplink/stop/downlink switch installed on the vertical bar. Escalator

     The escalator is activated by a red sensing switch. When someone walks up the escalator, the infrared sensor switch is triggered first. When the system detects an infrared sensor switch signal, the lift is started and the timer is started. During the timing, if a second person steps up the escalator, the system will be timed again until the set time is over and the elevator will automatically run at a low speed.Escalator