Villa Elevator And Home Elevator Selection

The selection of villa elevators and home elevators should mainly be based on humanization, personalization, safety, and energy conservation and environmental protection.

Humanization is the main consideration for villa elevators and home elevators. The purpose of installing elevators in villas and homes is to facilitate the elderly and users. If the selected elevator cannot consider that some may need to transport the wheelchair for a certain period of time, then the elevator is unmanned. The size of the wheelchair is 68CM in width and 93CM in length, so the elevator car must be more than 70CM wide and 100CM deep, otherwise it would be impossible to propel a wheelchair. Perhaps the people who currently use elevators are only 40 years old, but in the future, they will be old, or already have elderly people who need to use wheelchairs. There is always no elevator but people who use wheelchairs every day go upstairs and downstairs.

Personalization is based on architectural features of the building or villa, as well as the user’s identity, temperament, and hobbies, and it is very important to select the elevator that matches it. Because the villa itself is full of its unique personality, and the purchase and the builders use different building structures and styles to reflect the individualization, the elevator must be personalized, otherwise the villa will lose its individuality and reduce the villa's Worth.

Safe and reliable is of course one of the most important aspects of choosing an elevator. How to choose a safe and reliable villa elevator and home elevator is also very important. Elevators are often used by occupants or developers who are not familiar with elevators. Therefore, how to determine the safety and reliability of elevators must be checked by a third party. At present, China’s relevant regulations regard elevators below 320KG as “equipment without group harm” and do not need to be checked and accepted by the relevant departments after installation. Therefore, villa elevators and home elevators with 320KG or more should be selected as 320KG. The state regulations for elevators or above must be checked and accepted by the national quality and technical supervision department and a permit issued. After the elevators that have passed the national acceptance check, safety is guaranteed and it can be safely used.

Energy-saving and environmental-friendly elevators need to consider noise, environmental protection, pollution, top-level height, and power consumption. At present, the most energy-saving and low-noise elevator is a permanent magnet synchronous master elevator.

To this end, we hope that developers and users will need to consider humanity, personalization, safety, and energy saving when selecting a villa elevator. The following parameters are for reference:

At present, the well size of home elevators and villa elevators are: 1250mm wide and 1450mm deep wells; the elevator car can be made 750mm deep and 1100mm wide; 1500mm deep and 1450mm deep wells; the elevator car can be made 900MM deep and 1000MM wide; 1500mm deep 1450MM large well, the elevator car can do width 1000MM deep 1000MM.

The selection of the elevator is based on the selection of the use of permanent magnet synchronous mainframe usage fee is the lowest, followed by the choice of VVVF is better, the hydraulic pressure is the highest use fee.

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