What About The Elevator Malfunction?

                Recently, because the elevator fault two people died, so many people in the elevator when the faint worry. Now, with the rapid development of the city, building high-rise valerian up, take the elevator to us has become commonplace, elevator safety has become a general concern, the bottom of a small series to teach you how to deal with elevator problems.Elevator

                If you encounter an elevator malfunction or power outage when you take the elevator, be sure to stay calm, impatient and afraid to solve nothing problem, but will consume your strength, elevators are ventilated, in a short period of time will not affect your breathing, and elevators are usually equipped with a crash device, will not fall easily, and keep a clear mind, It will be of great help to the rescued.Elevator

                Try to open the door button continuously, see if the elevator door can open, if the elevator door can't open, the first time to press the emergency call button in the elevator, to the elevator attendant reported trapped situation, but also can loudly cry for help, with the hand or shoes intermittent tapping elevator door, trying to arouse the attention of outsiders, but not too long, to avoid wasting too much strength.Elevator

                Now part of the elevator inside the tunnel will be equipped with a transmitter receiving antenna, the elevator once the failure can call other people, some elevators have elevator maintenance personnel telephone number, you can directly call professionals, they will provide you with more professional advice. If the phone does not serve, you can try to call 110 alarm.

                 If the elevator is falling, the first time to press all floors of the elevator, because you do not know that the elevator may be on which floor will stop, at the same time, with a hand neck, avoid neck injury, knees bent, back close to the elevator door wall. If there is a handrail in the elevator, it is necessary to grab the handrail so that once the elevator falls, there will be a cushion to avoid injury or fall.Elevator

                General elevator will be covered with carpets, once the failure, you can roll up the carpet, leakage of the bottom of the vent, can enhance the ventilation in the elevator effect, to avoid the elevator in the trapped personnel too much oxygen and other conditions. If you have children, parents must be in time to appease the child's mood, to avoid fear of causing emotional excesses.Elevator

                Do not force the door or try to climb out from the top of the elevator, trying to reduce the buffer by jumping is not correct, so it is very likely to cause the elevator failure or abnormal start, speed up the elevator fall, causing unnecessary personal injury. After the rescue personnel arrived, should also remain calm, in the maintenance of personnel arrangements orderly out of the elevator.Elevator