What Are The Safety Hazards Of Elevators?

Elevator equipment in high-rise buildings provides people with efficient, fast and comfortable working and living environment. However, if the elevator is not used properly, it will sometimes endanger the life safety of the ladders, and it will cause great economic loss to the property management company. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the safety management of elevators.

First, the acceptance of elevator and the safety of taking over the elevator depend greatly on the construction and installation quality of the elevator. Therefore, to strengthen the safety management of elevators, we need to ensure the quality of the products and the quality of the products, so that they can be well accepted and taken over.

(1) after the elevator is installed by the construction unit, the elevator shall be checked and accepted according to the technical standards and quality standards set by the state. Upon acceptance, the construction unit shall submit the acceptance materials to the property management company. Includes: elevator factory certificate, performance test, operation record, installation instructions, etc. There is also the elevator principle diagram, installation diagram and so on. The elevator manager of the property management company shall invite the relevant professional technical personnel of the labor bureau above the municipal level to carry out the inspection and acceptance. It can be put into use after acceptance.

(2) after the elevator equipment takes over the experience of elevator equipment, it is managed by the property management company and can be put into use at the same time. The elevator manager of the engineering department of the property company shall establish the file of the elevator and keep it properly. The property company shall not take over the elevator without acceptance, and shall order the construction unit to carry out the refurbishment.

2. Safety management of elevators must be strengthened in order to prevent damage caused by improper use of elevators or cause accidents. The safety management of the elevator mainly includes: safe education, the operation safety management of the stewards, the safety management of the ladder personnel, and the safety management of the rescue of the elevator operator.

(1) to implement safety education by the elevator administrator is responsible for the elevator machine room attendant, elevator, ladder and take the ladder personnel to implement safety education and make them establish the idea of safety first, known as the elevator equipment safety operation procedures and take the ladder safety rules.

(2) in order to ensure the safe operation of the elevators, the personnel of the escalator personnel shall be qualified for the work after the unified examination of the relevant departments. The elevator manager of the engineering department of the property management company shall be responsible for the safety operation rules of the staff and supervise the implementation. The content of the code is: to ensure the normal operation of elevators, improve service quality and prevent accidents.

The driver insists on normal attendance, not leaving the post.

The elevator does not run with disease or overload.

No smoking, no small talk, etc.

The operating procedures of the driver:

A. Every time the door is opened into the cage, a trial operation must be conducted to determine the normal time to carry people.

B. If there is a malfunction in the elevator operation, press the stop button and alarm bell immediately. And ask for repairs in time.

C. When there is a power failure, the elevator has no flat floor to prevent passengers from opening the cage door and contacting foreign aid in time.

D. It is forbidden to carry large and heavy items.

E. it is forbidden to open the hall door in operation.

F. At the end of the work, the elevator should be stopped at the base station and cut off the power supply.

(3) to strengthen the safety management of escalator personnel to make the warning signs for elevator rides, and hang them in prominent places where passengers pass by. Common sense for the safety use of elevators. You should know how to make a point. The warning signs are obvious. The instructions for the ladder are:

With the hand button, no impact is allowed.

No smoking, no door.

At the time of operation, the door is in danger.

Dangerous goods are forbidden to enter the ladder.

Keep it clean, don't throw it away.

In case of accident, ring the alarm bell.

The overloading bell rings, and then exits.

The children take the stairs and the adults carry them.

Inside the building fire alarm, do not take the ladder.

3. The safety management of the rescue of the elevator operator has standardized the rescue work to ensure the safety of passengers is the rescue of the elevator operator.

The purpose of the work. Every encounter failure, personnel department ladder should first notify the maintenance personnel and management personnel, such as the elevator maintenance personnel and management personnel 5 min has still not arrived, the engineering department trained rescue workers according to different situations, to try to release the trapped passengers ahead.

1. Procedures for rescue of elevator operators.

(1), told the men waiting for rescue When the elevator tiring accident, elevator administrator or rescue workers by the elevator interphone or answers in contact with the men, be sure to keep calm, waited for rescue rescue workers. The trapped person must not extend any part of the body outside the car. If the cage door is half open, the elevator manager should try to shut the cage door completely.

(2) determine the position of the cage accurately, and make sure to judge the location of the cage according to the floor indicator lamp, PC display, selection layer, or open hall door, and then try to rescue the passengers.

2. Rescue steps (1) the rescue steps when the car stops near the entrance of the elevator.

Turn off the machine room power switch.

Open the door with the door lock key.

In the cage, people slowly open the door.

He helped the passengers out of the car.

The door was shut again.

(2) rescue steps of the cage away from the elevator.

Enter the machine room and close the power switch of the fault elevator.

Remove the end cover of the motor shaft and press the handle seat and handle.

With the help of the rescuers, another rescue worker, holding the brake lever, gently pry the brake, and pay attention to the horizontal sign, so that the cage will gradually move to the nearest door (0.5m).

When the brake is confirmed to be correct, release the driver wheel. And then click (1) to rescue them. When encountering other complicated situations, please ask the elevator company to help rescue. At the end of the rescue, the elevator manager fills out the rescue record and archives it. The purpose of this work is to accumulate rescue experience.