What Is The Future Development Of Elevator? What Do You Think?

An elevator is a vertical elevator powered by an electric motor, equipped with a box-like pod, which is used for transporting passengers or goods in multi-storey buildings. Also has the terrace type, the step board installs on the track running continuously, commonly known as the escalator or the automatic sidewalk. Fixed lifting equipment for specified floors. Vertical elevator has a car, running on at least two columns of the vertical or Angle is less than 15 ° between the rigidity of rail.

The size and structure of the car allow passengers to access or load and unload goods. It is customary to use elevators as a general term for vertical transportation vehicles in buildings regardless of their driving mode. The speed can be divided into low speed elevators (under 4 m/s), fast elevators (4-12 m/s) and high speed elevators (over 12 m/s). Hydraulic elevators have been around since the mid-19th century and are still used in low-rise buildings. In 1852, American E.G. Otis developed a safety elevator with wire rope hoisting. In the 1980s, the drive device was further improved, for example, motor drive winding drum through worm drive and adopt balance weight. In the late 19th century, friction wheel drive was adopted to greatly increase the lift height of elevators.

At the end of 20th century, the elevator used permanent magnet synchronous traction machine as the power. It greatly reduces the floor area of the machine room, and has the advantages of low energy consumption, high energy efficiency and fast speed of improvement, which greatly promotes the development of the real estate to the super high level.

Traction on both ends of the rope attached to the car and the heavy, winding on tractive sheave and the guide wheel, traction motor through the gear speed reducer drive traction wheel rotation, after on the friction produced when the tractive rope tractive sheave traction, the implementation of capsules and heavy lifting movement, the purpose of transportation.

Future development:

1. The elevator group control system will be more intelligent

2. The ultra-high speed elevator is getting faster and faster

3. Bluetooth technology is widely used in elevators

4.Green elevators will be popular

5. Visual system or man-machine dialogue