What Is The Price Of A Home Villa Elevator?

In most of our minds, villa elevators have always been a symbol of luxury homes. Due to the open space and the gorgeous decoration, the villa elevator has been loved by many male friends. Some female friends hope that they can own the villa elevator. However, the price of the villa elevator has always been a factor for us. What is the price of the elevator in relation to fluctuations?

Villa elevator configuration

The three core configurations of the elevator are included in the control system, the traction machine and the door machine, because these three parts determine the power and intelligence level of the elevator, and are also the main factors affecting the cost of the elevator in the villa. Others are mainly a combination of hardware and other materials, the price of different materials will have a certain difference. The high core configuration but the elevator price is not high, the reason is very simple, the procurement scale and the advanced level of the production line make our whole machine more competitively priced.

Villa elevator specifications

The villa elevator specification has little effect on the price of the villa elevator. The price difference between the villas of the three standard specifications of 250kg, 320kg and 400kg is also very small, so it is recommended that customers choose larger specifications when the hoistway space permits.

Number of elevators in the villa

The effect of villa elevator floor on the price of villa elevators, adding a landing, we have to add a hall door device and a rail, then the price will increase by several thousand depending on the way the door is opened. The price of a two-story home villa elevator, a three-story home villa elevator, a four-story home villa elevator, a five-story home villa elevator, and a six-story home villa elevator will increase by several thousand yuan per floor.

Villa elevator structure

The impact of the villa elevator structure on the price. Villa elevators are divided into two types: traction villa elevators and hydraulic villa elevators. Traction elevators are divided into three types: backpack type, gantry type and strong traction. The price of villa elevators with different structures will also be different.

How to open the door of the villa elevator

The elevator door opening method of the villa is the most beautiful and cheapest in the middle door. However, in many cases, it is limited by the hoistway conditions. It can only be used for double-folding, double-folding or hand-opening. Because of the complexity of the process, The price of the villa elevator will also vary moderately.