Whats About The Escalator

Electric ladder is generally oblique. When the pedestrian escalates on one end of the escalator, it will automatically be taken to the other end of the escalator, and the steps will be maintained along the way. Electric ladder has with cascade synchronous moving in on both sides armrest, fu grip for users. The escalator can walk in one direction forever, but most can be controlled by the management personnel according to time and people's needs. Another type of pedestrian/transport that is very similar to escalators is Automatic Sidewalk. The difference between the two is that the automatic pedestrian path is not rung; Most will only walk on flat ground, or slightly tilt.

The escalator consists of a ladder (a variable plate conveyor) and an armrest (warp conveyor) on both sides. Its main components are cascade, traction chain and sprocket, guide rail system, the main drive system (including motor, speed reducer, brake, and the middle transmission links, etc.) drive main shaft, ladder and tensioning device, skeleton, comb plate, escalator handrail system and electrical system, etc. The ladder is gradually formed by horizontal movement at the entrance of the passenger entrance. The steps of the entrance are disappearing, and the stairway moves horizontally again. These movements are carried out by the steps of the main wheel and the auxiliary wheel.