When Does The Elevator Maintenance Industry Vicious Competition Break?

During this time, there were two winning bids that caught the attention of the author. One is a notice of the Chinese government procurement network on August 11. It is said that an elevator company in Henan Province won the bid for the daily maintenance and maintenance of 58 elevators of Henan University at a price of 139,200 yuan a year; one is August 16 An elevator bidding bidding contract publicized by a bidding publicity platform in a certain place, said that a certain electromechanical technology company won the bid for a daily maintenance project of 69 elevators of a real estate development company at a price of 98 yuan per year. It is accompanied by a letter of commitment that does not raise prices within 10 years. The annual maintenance premium of 58 elevators is 139,200 yuan, the average maintenance cost per elevator is 2,400 yuan, and the monthly maintenance fee is 200 yuan. 200 yuan, cheap? It's really cheap. It’s cheap to be a bit skeptical. According to the calculation of the relevant departments, if a residential elevator needs to operate safely and without accidents, the annual maintenance cost is about 5,000 yuan, how much per month? 417 yuan. Compared with 417 yuan, 200 yuan is less than half. Look at the price of the other half package, 98 yuan a year, an average of only 8.17 yuan per month. People in the elevator maintenance industry know that many projects in elevator maintenance require two workers to operate together, and one worker is often difficult to complete. The normal maintenance time of two people is about 1~2 hours each time. Two people can maintain about 50 units a month, and the average person is about 25 units. According to a person's monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, each elevator will be allocated 120 yuan for one month. One month is 8.17 yuan, compared with 120 yuan, is the gap too big. In fact, it is impossible for a salary of 3,000 yuan to recruit workers who can work alone and be skilled. Well, the problem is coming. To do business to start a company is to make money, these elevator maintenance companies for Yan Mingming lose money to do? The reason is nothing more than two words: competition. To compete to such a degree, I am afraid that it is not competition, but vicious competition. It can also be seen that today's elevator maintenance market is already a "competition" that does not ask for good or bad, does not cost, and does not seek quality. In the buying and selling market, of course, you must pick a cheap one to buy. Properly low prices are conducive to industrialization and scale. However, if the price is too low, and the means are unscrupulous, it will run counter to the healthy development of the industry. In the case that the customer cannot identify the quality of the product, the seller's bottom-line price reduction will only harm the market. The price is a double-edged sword that can hurt people or hurt yourself. Grabbing someone else's order is to break your own path. Use your mind and energy in price wars. How can time and money improve quality? The blind competition and expansion from the quality can only be a dead end. Enterprises that receive orders at low prices only value the immediate interests. The seemingly compelling individual choices are harmful to the overall healthy development of the industry. The outcome is bound to kill the peers, exhaust themselves, and destroy the market. There is a jargon called "the essence of buying never sold." While each maintenance company seizes the market and strives to fight, it is a must for reducing costs and increasing revenue. According to informed sources, in order to make a profit, some maintenance companies have chosen to reduce the frequency of maintenance, such as once a month, once the maintenance is changed to once a month or once a quarter, even if it is not maintained, it will go wrong. Workers handle; according to the standard, one worker usually manages 25 elevators. In order to reduce labor costs, one person manages 40 to 50 units, and some even reach 70 to 80 units, as long as there is no accident. The accident was also a problem for the workers. All of this, the price paid is that the elevator can not be timely maintained, and even long-term "disease" work, on the one hand, the risk of personnel riding, on the other hand, the life of the elevator is greatly shortened. The price of elevator maintenance is getting lower and lower, and the security risks of accumulation will become larger and larger. The elevator, as a special equipment, has certain dangers, and in the event of an accident, it is very likely to cause personal injury or death. The author believes that relevant departments and industry associations should predict risks in a forward-looking vision, correct market failures, scientifically guide the market, and severely crack down on and punish vicious competition.